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Ann Richards - The Many Moods Of ... Two Much
Label: EMI   Label-Nummer: 97055 2
Recording: 1959   US   Los Angeles
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 1
Ann Richards voc,
1-1By Myself31.12.1959
1-2Be Easy,Be Tender31.12.1959
1-3Where Did You Go31.12.1959
1-4I'm Gonna Laugh31.12.1959
1-5I Gotta Have You31.12.1959
1-6Lazy Afternoon31.12.1959
1-7Something's Coming31.12.1959
1-9When The Sun Comes Out31.12.1959
1-10Poor Little Extra Girl31.12.1959
1-11Seasons Reasons31.12.1959
1-12I'm Late31.12.1959
1-13It's A Wonderful World31.12.1959
1-14The Morning After31.12.1959
1-15I Was The Last One To Know31.12.1959
1-16My Kinda Love31.12.1959
1-17I Got Rhythm31.12.1959
1-18No Moon At All31.12.1959
1-19Don't Be That Way31.12.1959
1-20Suddenly I'm Sad31.12.1959
1-21Nobody Like My Baby31.12.1959
1-22All Or Nothing At All31.12.1959